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Start of Kids Run
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Children benefit from the race

The Ubumi Transit Home, Hudson’s orphanage, is being sponsored by Seton Catholic School. It provides quality care, education, and spiritual and social services to 16-20 orphans in a home-like setting. Run by Ubumi Africa, a Zambian NGO, the orphanage staff attempts to locate and place orphaned or abandoned children with their extended families. Children whose families are unable to take them will grow up at the Home. Additionally, Ubumi Africa provides free schooling, counseling, nutrition and health programming for approximately 380 children and their families in the impoverished Musonda Compound, about 1 mile from the orphanage. The Ubumi Transit Home and the work of Ubumi Africa was adopted by the City of Hudson as its global outreach in April of 2009.

The Run also benefits Berea Children’s Home for those wishing to assist local needy children. Berea Children's Home & Family Services (BCHFS) was founded in 1864 to provide a home for children orphaned by the Civil War. Today, BCHFS still provides a home for children, but their continuum of care to over 11,200 children and families has evolved to include out of home programs, early childhood and parenting services, mental health services, employment programs, family counseling programs, and juvenile justice services.

Additionally, children in orphanages in Honduras and Ghana also are beneficiaries of the Run. Also, our own children in the race get a chance to exercise in nature and are fostered in their intuitive tender concern for others who are in need.

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  1. Nick: Don't forget the other children who benefit from this race. Children in orphanages in Honduras and Ghana, but also our own children who not only get a chance to exercise in nature, but are fostered in their intuitive tender concern for others who are in need.